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Client: Fable & Co

An extremely enjoyable collaboration with the gifted branding agency Fable&Co. Fable handled the script and concept while we sculpted the motion. The simple message needed a clean precise look. The cyan ball of the Grapeshot logo bounces, bumps and steers us through the world of data.

How Skrill Works

​Client: Third Channel

This project was brought to life by the wonderful mind of Brad Finley over at Third Channel. We've collaborated with TC a few times before but this was a bigger concept that solidified how harmonious our creative relationship is. Skrill are a powerful online payment platform that make effortless and secure payments all over the world.


Client: MaxOptra

MaxOptra have been simplifying logistics for a while now and felt they needed a clearer simpler brand film to match their identity. We got in the strategic mind of Jack Archer over at Fable & Co to write the script and we illustrated and brought to life the words.

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